“25 Minute Fiction” took my writing speed up to 3K+ (video gift)

When Ryan Leonard asked me a few months back to try his “25 minute method”, I wasn’t convinced…

I was writing pretty fast already. I could easily spit out 2,000 words of non-fiction per hour. Fiction went slower, but I would normally write 750-1000 words in 45 minutes.

“Try it,” he said. And I said, “Okay.”

My first trial went well, and already the second time I used his system, I wrote 3295 words in 100 minutes.

That’s an 33% increase!

And now you get the chance to learn this system, too:

==> http://malka.im/e/25minutefiction

His system wouldn’t work, though, unless you have a plot to follow, and that’s why he’ve included an Universal Plot Creator in his package.

That’s NOT the best, though

I love Ryan’s system! Really! I love what it has done for my fiction writing speed, and I can even see ways to use this for non-fiction as well.

But it gets better.

Buy Ryan’s “25 Minute Fiction” because that will lead you to an upsell that’s simply INCREDIBLE!

Lynn Johnston, a professional editor and writing coach, is doing a live workshop, where she’s writing a novel online. She’s going through all the steps, from idea to plot, to scene structure, etc., and she’s going to show you everything.

Some of it will be videos she’s recently recorded. Other things will be live. And she’s also going to show you her raw draft as the book comes together.

I’m really excited about this class! Really!

I know you’re curious about prices, and this is really affordable.

The front end product costs $17, and the live workshop costs only $97. If you’ve considered other writing courses, you’ll KNOW that this is really a good bargain.

Gift for you

I will be offering an awesome bonus – a mini-course in writing a novel by Lynn Johnston – but right now I have a free gift for you.

I did an interview with Lynn earlier today, and you can find it here, and let me tell you what it isn’t:

It’s NOT an interview where Lynn talks about herself.

It’s a video, bursting full of tips for fiction writers, like:

  • What to do when you get stuck.
  • How to go from idea to plot.
  • The minimum a writer needs to figure out before he starts writing.
  • Why can even plotters get stuck?

And much more.

Bring popcorn and take notes. It’s that good.

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